The Open Window

Open Window, Colliore, 1905

When designing a window treatment, I aspire to give it a painterly like attention to detail: French artist, Henri Matisse, comes to mind.  The windowed interior was a recurrent theme in much of his work, and he so masterfully depicted the intimate connection between interior and exterior life scenes.  His bold swatches of color and texture were the fabric of his paintings, revealing a reposeful domestic lifestyle dazzled by Mediterranean sunlight that would seemingly breeze into the room.  His paintings are interior designs skillfully composed with a free spirited elegance that just compels me to want to be “there”.

Windows are more than an architectural feature in a room. Matisse certainly understood this fact, since in many of his works they are not just the source of light, but also, the beckoning of our entrance into a beautiful scene. It would be inspiring to find such joy and color in the rooms of our own homes;  enveloped in warm light, dancing amidst the colors and sensations of our surroundings all the while with a glorious view at the open window.
My room at the Beau-Rivage, 1918

Interior with a violin case, 1919
Henri Matisse - Fauvism